5 Different Types Of Wedding Themes To Have

wedding_ringsWe all want our wedding to be that little bit different, that little bit special that no one has yet thought of. Here are my five different wedding themes which are sure to be a success.

Tent Wedding – Everyone, at one time, has toyed with the idea of having an outdoor tent wedding. The fresh air, the room and the freedom it inspires fills us with romantic notions of a perfect wedding. However, having an outdoor wedding comes with its own challenges. An outdoor tent wedding can be very romantic, but it does take a lot of advance planning and coordination. Outdoor tent weddings tend to be more expensive than indoor weddings. You will need several large tents to help shield people from the sun during the day, as well as from any sudden downpours you may unexpectedly have. . You should also consider the climate conditions around your wedding date and have back-up plans in case of bad weather.

Pirate Wedding – If you?re feeling a little more adventurous and daring or if you?re a big fan of Jack Sparrow, and the Disney films, you may want to consider this theme. Not too many couples have used this theme so it is still quite unique.

As the ?Pirates of the Caribbean? movie’s being so popular, there are dozens of companies that sell party supplies that would be suitable to use for a pirate wedding. Pirates aren?t famous for their table manners, so a buffet style dinner would be more suitable with this pirate wedding theme over a sit-down dinner.

Christmas Wedding – Christmas themed weddings will usually have Christmas trees as part of the décor ? so why not take that to the next level by using a lot of green and red in your decorations? Use large and small tree shapes for centrepieces and you could have your wedding cake made to look like a beautifully decorated tree decorated, and use brightly lighted and decorated trees as décor

Suggestions For Christmas Themed Weddings

? Angels (use white and gold as your colours)
? Santa Claus (use red and white as your colours
? Christmas presents
? Christmas wreaths (red and green)
? Poinsettias and holly

Angel Wedding – Think fluffy white feathers, cute cherubs, Grecian columns and urns, and of course, angel wings to use as a decorating scheme. All colour’s should be soft and dreamy, like a light dusty rose and green combination with gold. A soft baby blue with lilac and white accents is also a nice colour theme.

Fairy Wedding – Plan your marriage celebration around this charming fairy theme wedding idea.
Full of love magic and mystery? Want an outdoor wedding surrounded by flowers, butterflies and birds? The ideal place to have a fairy theme wedding is outdoors. A venue with a big garden, a butterfly sanctuary, a botanical garden or even your backyard decorated to a magical wonderland will ensure your perfect fairy wedding theme is a success.

Author: Laura just had her snowy wedding theme, she used gift bags for her favours at her wedding and advices others to do the same as they sav a lot of time and look amazing!

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