Am I Pregnant? What You Need to Know

Pregnancy is a major stage in a woman?s life. Being pregnant changes everything ? her outlook, her decisions, and her whole life. Pregnancy is more than just a condition. It is a milestone. And it starts with discovering that fact that you?re indeed carrying a baby in your tummy.
Pregnancy brings about many changes in the body. The signs and symptoms of pregnancy include:

1. Spotting and Cramping
When the duly fertilized egg cell attaches itself to the uterus, cramping and spotting oftentimes occur. As a matter of fact, this is the most disregarded signs of pregnancy. Many women mistake it as the start of their menstrual period. However, they will also notice that the bleeding and cramping incident is milder than usual.

2. Missed Period
Pregnant women will miss their menstrual period and that?s a fact. This remains to be the most reliable signs of pregnancy. It is also the reason why women buy pregnancy kits at the first incident of a missed period.

3. Changes in the Breasts
Because of the increase in the woman?s hormonal levels due to pregnancy, her breasts will seem fuller, sore, swollen, or tingly. The area around the nipples will also darken and the breasts themselves will feel heavier yet tender to the touch. However, the pregnant woman will eventually get used to these sensations.

4. Morning sickness
Half of pregnant women experience morning sickness. The sensations they?ll feel are closely related to queasiness and vomiting. For some women, their condition could feel worse that they can be dehydrated because of it.

5. Fatigue
It is very common for women to feel tired because of their pregnant state. This is the reason why many of those whose pregnancy are very delicate were advised to get some bed rest. A healthy diet rich in iron protein is also a good complement to rest.

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