Baby Moment Pregnancy Scan

baby scanBaby moments gladly welcome mothers-to-be and all the other relatives to get a sneak peek of your new baby. They have fully qualified sonographers to give you the perfect end result so that you go back home happy.

A pregnancy scan is usually used to check if the baby has a heartbeat, determine if there are multiple pregnancies, find out causes of bleeding (if any), determine the date of your pregnancy, measure your baby?s growth rate and to find out if any abnormalities are present. Thus, a pregnancy scan helps in giving you a brief preview of your baby before it comes out in to the real world.

A mother usually goes through 2 scans during the course of her pregnancy; the first scan is after 12 weeks to determine the expected delivery date of your baby. The second scan takes place between 18-21 weeks to check for any abnormalities in your baby.

At Baby Moments, they provide the best treatment for your family member:

  • Early pregnancy or Viability scan (6-14 weeks)
  • This particular scan helps mothers who are scared because of any previous history or to check if everything is in a smooth flow. This scan determines the heartbeat of the baby, check if the baby is in the proper position and also tell us if it is a single pregnancy or a multiple pregnancy.

  • 2D gender scans
  • Baby moments also have a scan to determine the gender of your baby. We are aware of your eagerness to prepare a room for the new born and buy clothes for the new born. Thus, Baby Moments helps in determining the gender of your baby. You can find out more about it here.

  • 4D Bonding Package
  • A 4D scan gives a 3D image of your baby. This image is generally a moving image that shows what the baby is doing and if it is comfortable or not. The optimum time for your 4D scan is between 26-32 weeks.

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