Having a baby? Here are the MUST HAVE Hospital Bag Essentials

What to put in your hospital bag is always a difficult question. It is hard to choose what should go and what should stay behind. When it comes to the decision though, you don?t have to make it alone. Worrying what goes in your hospital bag is a thing of the past, thanks to The Mother Duck, a website that helps mothers to be prepare for the big day.

The first item that you need is the bag itself. The bag needs to be durable like the ones that they have picked to list on their website. Each one of these bags offers you plenty of room to stow all of your belongings and is available in a variety of colors. The first option is a standard duffel bag like design. The second option is a top opening plain labor and delivery bag.

hospital bags

Just because you are going to a hospital doesn?t mean you should live without good toiletries. They have hand-picked a selection of high quality toiletries from major brands to provide you with everything you need from tooth brush, to hair brushes, to razors and nail care kits.

It?s obvious that the wash clothes, shower caps, shampoo, and conditioner that they offer at the hospital are typically of lower quality so they have even made sure that you have fresh options for you. It wouldn?t do to go without deodorant so they have thrown that in too.

The last thing you are going to want to do is wash your underwear after a stay in the hospital so they include disposable underwear and the things that you need to take care of yourself. Nursing pads, oils, and an ice pack will all help you get back to feeling yourself so you can enjoy your time with your new kid.

The items we have listed here are only some of those included to make your stay an amazing one. Each pack comes with over 30 items. On The Mother Duck?s website you can view each item that comes in the bag.

Just as an added bonus each bag that The Mother Duck sells comes with a gift box inside. As a company they aren?t just trying to make money, they are trying to make sure that you are prepared for when the biggest day of your life comes.

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Clomid and ovulation

If you are suffering from fertility issues then you may be prescribed a drug known as Clomiphene Citrate, more often known by its brand name as Clomid. This is a fertility drug which is used to induce ovulation in those that are struggling to get pregnant or are suffering from irregular ovulation. However, it is not prescribed in every situation.
Clomid is only prescribed to those people who are having problems with ovulation. Therefore before you are prescribed drug you will be screened for a while by your doctor to ensure that there are no other issues at play which could be affecting your fertility. If they believe there aren?t then you will be prescribed this drug.

To understand how Clomid works it is best to start by discussing a little bit about the normal menstrual cycle. It is during the first half of your cycle that follicles within your ovaries enlarge. Each of these follicles contains one egg. During the maturation process the follicles produce estrogen. If the level of estrogen is low in your body a hormone is released called GnRH which stimulates FSH production within the body. This FSH (it stands for follicle stimulating hormone) causes these follicles to grow and thus building up estrogen levels. This eventually causes a release of LH which eventually causes the egg to be released and thus ovulation occurs.

Clomid works by blocking the estrogen receptors in your brain. This of course causes the body to believe it is low in production of estrogen and kicks up the supply of the aforementioned hormones. This hopefully will stimulate ovulation in women who are suffering from issues in this particular department.

In deciding whether you need to be prescribed Clomid or not, your doctor will take a look at your ovulation pattern. If you not ovulating regularly then there is a good chance that Clomid may be able to help you out. This is why it is important that if you believe you are suffering from fertility issues that you keep a record of when you ovulate. You can also purchase things from the pharmacy which will tell you whether you are ovulating or not.

When you are prescribed Clomid you will take a dosage of 50mg on days 5-9of your menstrual cycle. This is five days after your period starts. In some cases people may not be having a regular period and thus your doctor will also be able to prescribe you medication which induces a regular period. Like birth control pills the Clomid will need to be taken at the same time every single day for a period of five days. If it does manage to spur on ovulation this will occur around seven days after your last dose of Clomid. If ovulation does not occur then your doctor will be able to ramp up the dosage. Generally speaking, around 45% of women are able to get pregnant within six cycles of taking Clomid, which makes it one of the most successful treatments on the market.

If you are suffering from fertility issues why not talk to your doctor about the possibility of using Clomid?

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Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Pregnancy weight gain happens because your calorie intake increases. This weight gain ensures that you and your child are well nourished throughout the pregnancy. Weight loss after pregnancy can be a bit slow, the body takes time to return to normal after all the hormonal changes. Many women opt for heavy exercise and crash diet immediately after delivery. This can negatively affect your body. You must give time to your body to recover after the period of pregnancy. Keeping yourself well nourished is very important, as you are breast-feeding.

It is not advisable to follow extreme weight loss tips that fasten the weight loss process. Instead, a moderate diet combined with exercise is a good way to lose weight at a normal pace.
If you lack motivation or don’t know how to start and how to train there are a lot of weight loss camps around the world. One such is located in the Thailand’s largest island – Phuket.
This retreat has helped many women lose weight after they?ve had a baby.

Check out the video below to see an example of their Pilates class.

Before you start working on losing weight, it is important that you consult your doctor. High impact exercises are generally not recommended until you complete the six week post-pregnancy period.

During those six weeks, you can take up walking, because it is a good form of exercise that gives you time to collect your thoughts as well as recover from postpartum depression. You can consider taking your baby for a walk at a time. Fresh air is good for the mother and child. Pilates and Yoga are also good options.

Consider these While losing weight after pregnancy

It is essential that you maintain a regular workout routine during your pregnancy. This will help you lose weight after pregnancy, as your body will already be accustomed to exercise.

Eat regularly and eat healthy. Fruits and fruit juices are a good source of energy. Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids.

Get on a low fat diet. Eat foods that are high in protein and fiber. Rather than eating processed foods, choose natural foods. Fruits, nuts and leafy vegetables are good sources of energy.
Eat at regular intervals. This would avoid overeating during meals and also your metabolism will improve. Make sure your calorie count does not go lower than 1500 cal, as after pregnancy also your body needs nutrients. Breastfeeding women need to be very careful of their diet.

Always remember that losing weight after pregnancy should be a natural process and should not be accelerated by adding unnecessary catalysts.
Losing weight after pregnancy is no longer a dream. Although weight gain during pregnancy can difficult to lose, it is not impossible. Especially if you visit some of those Weight Loss Retreats like PhuketFit. Use the weight loss tips to their optimum and be the icon for weight loss after pregnancy to friends and family. Start reading up more on the subject after your pregnancy but begin only after the doctor says: ‘you are ready’.

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How to Induce labor naturally

pregnancy_close-upWhen a pregnant woman moves past the due date of her pregnancy, she may start thinking about different ways that she can induce labor. There are actually a number of safe ways that women have tried in the past and used successfully to induce their labors. Here are a few:

Food & Drink

Many people swear by the use of pineapple for natural labor induction. Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain, which supposedly helps to make the cervix softer, thereby stimulating the contraction of reproductive muscles. Pineapple can also help your digestive system which is said to help induce labor as well.

There are also some drinks that are said to help induce labor, including raspberry leaf tea. This herbal tea is said to contain many nutrients that specifically benefit the uterus and reproductive system.

Castor oil is another food that can help induce labor, though it is not without its side effects and warnings. It is said to be very effective, however, it can cause diarrhea and vomiting which might be dangerous to the mother and child.


Getting more active can induce labor. Activities like dancing, certain types of exercises and even sex are long thought to help induce labor. Just moving around more can help. Some women also believe that stimulation of the nipples can induce labor. Nipple stimulation is said to help with the release of natural hormones which may cause stimulation to the uterus.


Accupressure is the practice of using massage to stimulate certain pressure points on the body. These pressure points are said to be connected to different parts of your body. By massaging certain pressure points related to the reproductive system, a woman might be able to induce labor. Specifically, a woman can press her thumb to the roof of her mouth for several minutes at a time. There are also additional pressure points that can be massaged in the hand and on the bottom of the foot.

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Some of the Cutest Baby Shower Gifts to choose from

Selecting a gift for baby shower can sometimes be tricky. You might like a lot of stuff and don’t know exactly what would be the best gift for the person whom you are gifting. If you have been in this dilemma, then you don’t need to worry about it anymore. In this article, you will find some of the cutest baby shower gifts that are also practical.

pacifier clip1. Pacifier clips:
No wonder that pacifier clips are one of the best gifts to give at a baby shower. Every parent needs a pacifier for their baby and has to keep track of it, but end up losing it. So it is better to get a pacifier clip, by which it will be there in one place and the parents don’t have to be bothered about it anymore.

2. Crib shoes:
Crib shoes are one of the most practical gifts that you can give to the coming baby. The shoes will be able to protect the babies’ feet from getting cold and science shows, that a warmer foot makes the baby sleep more and the best part is that they come in so much variety that you can actually bring a complete set of crib shoes as a baby shower gift.

baby necklase3. Baby necklace:
If fashion is your thing and you want to transfer that fashion sense to the baby, then simply gift the baby with some of the coolest baby necklaces, which are safe for the baby’s neck and are made of quality material, so that baby doesn’t get any kind of skin problem because of it.

4. Baby blanket:
You can’t get wrong with a baby blanket and if you have the option of getting it in a variety of colors and in different theme, then you really don’t have to give too much thought to it. They are one of the most important stuff that a baby needs in his initial day and indeed for a long time. But make sure that you select a larger size baby blanket so that the baby will be able to use it for a year or two.

diaper bag5. Diaper bags:
Every mother needs a diaper bag, in which she can take all the baby essentials when she is traveling with the baby. It would make her life so much easier and plus she will be able to save a lot of time instead of searching for baby essentials in it, as now diaper bags also come with the organizing compartment.

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Baby Nightime App

baby nightime appFor new parents, nighttime can be a stressful and frustrating time. Many new parents have trouble getting their newborns to sleep at night, which can cause a lack of sleep. Getting adequate sleep is important for the health of every person, no matter the age. Sleep is a time to rest, rejuvenate and heal our bodies from the stress we put it through during each day. Whenever there is a tool you can use to help make your sleep and your baby?s sleep better, it?s certainly something you want to investigate. Most of us now use smartphone applications to help us in many daily tasks, so why not use an application to help you and your newborn sleep better? That?s exactly what the new Baby Nightime app was made for!

The Baby Nightime app is a smartphone application for the IOS platform, meaning you can install it on your favorite Apple device, whether you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or even an iPad.
The application includes soothing music, relaxing sounds, short stories and white noise. All of these sounds are designed to help relax your baby so it can be lulled to sleep more easily and sleep more soundly, thus allowing you to also get more and better sleep. Many people find that driving their fussy baby around in their car helps the baby to sleep. Yet this is certainly an impractical strategy. The white noise included in the app mimics a low rumble, and may have a similar effect of a car?s low rumbling engine. You can also use the other relaxing sounds and music to distract and relax your baby.
If your newborn baby is fussy and difficult to get to sleep, give the Baby Nightime app a try. You have nothing to lose, and a better night?s sleep to gain.

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How Does Pregnancy Occur

pregnancy_close-upPregnancy occurs when a male sperm meets and fuses with a female ovum to form a zygote. It is the time period between conception and birth inside the body of a woman. This period normally takes nine months in women. There are two types of pregnancies: normal pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy. Normal pregnancy occurs when the male gamete (sperm) fuses with the female gamete (ovum) in the fallopian tube and the zygote implants itself on the uterine wall. This way, the fetus develops and it is eventually pushed out through the birth canal during birth. 

On the other hand, ectopic pregnancy occurs when fertilization takes place in the fallopian tube and the zygote is implanted on the walls of the fallopian tube. Since this is a complicated process, a surgical operation is required at birth so as to remove the baby from the side of the fallopian tube.

During pregnancy, several hormones play a balancing role to make sure that the development of the fetus is normal. During the first four months of pregnancy, the ovaries produce progesterone hormone that maintains the pregnancy. However, after the four months, the developed placenta starts to produce the hormone. Under legal grounds, pregnancy can be terminated either through a surgical means or through artificial hormonal imbalance as explained by the Gynaecology Centres Australia. (See http://gcaus.com.au/)

The fetus is cushioned from shocks inside the womb of a woman by amniotic fluid contained in a sac like structure called the amniotic sac. Nutrients are supplies to the fetus through the umbilical cord.
During pregnancy, a woman experiences many body changes. Initially, she will have smooth face but at some point black sports may fill her face.

The end of pregnancy is signaled by waves of muscular contractions in the uterine wall and downwards towards the birth canal (vagina). This results to labor pains. Labor pains are triggered by the secretion of oxytocin hormone.

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Buy Cheap Tutus at Always Under Pay

baby tutusIt is agreed that baby girls are very cute. In fact, every time that you have seen one and held one in your hands, you probably went like, ?aaawwww, how cute?. That is just how adorable these precious gifts from God are. However, what if there was a way that you make them even more adorable? Well you can. As baby girls are growing up, they have the aura and carry themselves as a princess, dressing them up like a princess is therefore very fitting. Tutus do this very well and leave your small baby girl looking even more adorable.

However, the thing with tutus is that you have to always pick carefully to achieve this effect. There are many companies that have them on sale but not all outlets have the best quality with them not to mention the best price and variety. This is where Alwaysunderpay.com come in.

With this company, you are sure that you will always have the best quality of tutu and for the best price in the market. There is one thing that you should bear in mind when it comes to tutus. There are different tutus for every occasion, be it ballet, dance, or any other occasion. Always Under Pay will provide you with a wide variety of tutus for all the occasions and for girls of all ages from babies to adults. Some of the skirts from this site also have halter tops which add sweetness to the outfit.

How do they manage to provide the tutus at a very cheap ad affordable price you might ask? Well, they have taken it upon themselves to provide wholesale prices of the tutus each and every day. Great, right?
Girls are without a doubt bound to scream out in delight when they receive such fun and cheap tutus.

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Baby Moment Pregnancy Scan

baby scanBaby moments gladly welcome mothers-to-be and all the other relatives to get a sneak peek of your new baby. They have fully qualified sonographers to give you the perfect end result so that you go back home happy.

A pregnancy scan is usually used to check if the baby has a heartbeat, determine if there are multiple pregnancies, find out causes of bleeding (if any), determine the date of your pregnancy, measure your baby?s growth rate and to find out if any abnormalities are present. Thus, a pregnancy scan helps in giving you a brief preview of your baby before it comes out in to the real world.

A mother usually goes through 2 scans during the course of her pregnancy; the first scan is after 12 weeks to determine the expected delivery date of your baby. The second scan takes place between 18-21 weeks to check for any abnormalities in your baby.

At Baby Moments, they provide the best treatment for your family member:

  • Early pregnancy or Viability scan (6-14 weeks)
  • This particular scan helps mothers who are scared because of any previous history or to check if everything is in a smooth flow. This scan determines the heartbeat of the baby, check if the baby is in the proper position and also tell us if it is a single pregnancy or a multiple pregnancy.

  • 2D gender scans
  • Baby moments also have a scan to determine the gender of your baby. We are aware of your eagerness to prepare a room for the new born and buy clothes for the new born. Thus, Baby Moments helps in determining the gender of your baby. You can find out more about it here.

  • 4D Bonding Package
  • A 4D scan gives a 3D image of your baby. This image is generally a moving image that shows what the baby is doing and if it is comfortable or not. The optimum time for your 4D scan is between 26-32 weeks.

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    Ways to Enhance Your Maternity Photos

    Many women are taking maternity photos these days. In fact, it is now a growing trend for mothers-to-be to add more variety to these shots, unlike in the past where the photos portraying hands clasped over the belly were popular. There is no denying that this pose is a classic one for sure, but the field of photography is more creative and there is plenty of room to explore when it comes to pregnancy or maternity photography. Keep reading if you are looking for ways to spice up your maternity pictures.

    When one talks about variety in photography, the poses are the first things which come to mind. The sky is really the limit if you want to get creative and strike interesting poses. The poses which can highlight the strong line of your legs as well as your belly can be eye catching and provocative. If you use your imagination and get some input from a professional photographer, you will definitely come up with some exciting and interesting poses.

    One of the other areas which many people don?t tap into when taking maternity photos is the use of colors. The black and white as well as sepia are true classics that you should definitely include in your repertoire, but it would not hurt for you to explore other possibilities. You can make use of colorful items clothing or fabrics, interesting posters or paintings, bright flowers and more.

    maternity photos

    You should not be afraid to express your sensuality in the pregnancy pictures. This is a very emotional and exciting time in your life, so you should have images that can capture your sensual nature and beauty. Perhaps the most important thing here is for you to be comfortable when taking maternity photos; doing anything out of your comfort zone will only give forced and awkward results.

    Another way that you to could add variety or enhance your maternity pictures would be to take them at an early stage. You could take the photos around five months when you are starting to show and your face is glowing radiantly from the excitement. At this stage, the photos can really capture your anticipation and sense of joy. One of the other advantages of taking the photos at this early stage is that it will be easier for you to pose in a variety of ways. If you want, you can also do some shots every month or maybe two to document the different stages. This way you can have a visual record of your pregnancy, something that you will enjoy showing your child as he or she gets older.

    Be sure to keep some of these suggestions in mind if you are planning to do a maternity photo shoot. There are no limitations as you can choose where and how to take your maternity photos.

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