Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test Review

clearblue digital ovulation testFor women who want to have a baby but didn’t have luck or patience with using natural methods of predicting ovulation, the Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test may be the perfect solution. With this ovulation test you no longer need to follow up your basal body temperature or observe if there are any changes in your vaginal fluid. All you need is the Clearblue Test to find the peak of your ovulation days. It has 99% accuracy and it is also one of the fastest ways to trace the days of your ovulation. This ovulation test can give you real results taking away all your worries about conceiving.

Clearblue Ovulation tests fall in the group of urine based ovulation kits which monitor the level of LH or Luteinizing Hormone in your urine. The sudden rise of LH level occurs around 24-36 hours before ovulation. When LH increases that’s the time when the ovum is released. If ovulation test shows positive result, it would mean that you are going to be fertile due to an increase of LH in the following couple of days (from first to third day).
Therefore, fertility will reach its highest level during the following 36 hours. If you’re trying to get pregnant that would be the ideal time for conception. Next couple of days would be best to have intercourse with your partner if both of you are eager to have a baby.

How to Use the Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test

Using the Clearblue Ovulation Test should only be done once each day. Take the test during the same time in other words, be consistent. If you used the test at 7:00 a clock in the morning then it would be best to repeat this every morning at 7:00 until you get the positive result. Clearblue Ovulation Test shouldn’t be used every day of your cycle, but just during those days when you expect ovulation. If you have a pretty irregular cycle than monitoring some common ovulation symptoms can improve you results.

How much accurate is Clearblue Ovulation Test

clearblue digital ovulation testAs we already mentioned in the previous paragraph, clearblue ovulation test has been proved to be over 99% effective. So, from one hundred tests, just one may be incorrect. That level of accuracy cannot be reached with any natural method of prediction. Clearblue Ovulation Test is much less expansive than the more advanced Clearblue Fertility Monitor (which would be a better option if you can afford it). In comparison to other ovulation tests it’s pretty fast (you will get your result within 3 minutes) and you get more test sticks than with other less known ovulation kits. Also, it’s the first and only digital ovulation test so you will have no problem interpreting your results.

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