Clearblue Ovulation Kit Review

Clearblue Ovulation Kit
Clearblue has for some time been one of the leading brands in the pregnancy market. This is quite easy to see when we see its past sales records and the amazing reviews this product has received.

The product looks much like any of the other ovulation testers out there. It is small, practical and extremely efficient and could be exactly what you need to help you find the right date for conception.

The Clearblue Ovulation Kit works by detecting a rise in the level of Luteinizing hormone, which generally happens 24-48 hours before ovulation, and the level of Estrogen. This allows the device to tell you the 6 days where you are most likely to conceive within your cycle. This gives you a heads up making the whole process easier.

They say that the best way to use the Clearblue Kit is once a day and at the same time each day if possible. It will be able to tell you when your LH hormones levels start surge plus when it starts to drop (meaning you have missed the chance for conception).

When it comes to using the product it is very simple, easy and efficient. All you have to do is take the kit to the toilet with you and perform a natural urine test. Within 3 minutes you receive your results and will know whether or not it is the right time to conceive. The kit has been found to be 99% accurate at detecting LH levels in the urine.

There is little negative to say about this handy tool. The price is very reasonable for the brand and tool that you actually receive however some will fault it as it is not necessarily always the cheapest product on the market. Whilst cost could be a factor you should remember that you are purchasing one of the most trusted and most reputable products on the market. The Clearblue Kit is sure to help you find when ovulation is occurring and help you to conceive as soon as possible.

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