Different types of ovulation predictor kits

Each year, countless numbers of women struggle to conceive and devote tremendous time and resources to timing their most fertile periods. Whether it be keeping a hand-written record of monthly cycles or simply attempting conception based on the occurrence of ovulation, there are many ways to predict the most opportune times for conception. However, there are also much more effective ways to identify monthly periods of fertility.

Ovulation predictor kits

There are number of products which fall under the category of ?Fertility Monitors?. What each of the varying devices and kits have in common is that they are extremely effective at predicting optimum conception periods. These kits are of tremendous benefit to couples experiencing difficulty trying to conceive, as they can offer accurate feedback and predictions of when a woman is most fertile.

Ovulation predictor kits are ingenious devices which gauge the physiological processes of the body in order to identify periods of maximum fertility. Although there are several different kinds of kits, each with its own unique mechanism, each type essentially measures the amount of luteinizing hormone and estrogen present in the body. Luteinizing hormone (LH) and estrogen are hormones which are typically present in notable amounts during the height of fertility. Ovulation is the monthly process of an egg emerging from the ovary and traveling toward the fallopian tube and eventually the uterus. Just before the expulsion of an egg, women experience dramatic increases in LH and estrogen levels. By measuring the amounts of LH and estrogen present in the body, ovulation can be very accurately predicted, resulting in awareness of the most fertile periods. There are several ways which these levels can be recorded.

Urine (LH) Ovulation Tests

clearblue digital ovulation testUrine (LH) Ovulation Tests predict ovulation and fertility by measuring the amount of LH present in the urine during menstruation. By urinating on a strip and inserting it into the monitor, women can receive a readout of their measured fertility level: low, medium, or high. Naturally, attempting to conceive during periods of ?high? fertility are quite often much more successful. Periods of high LH levels typically occur for several days during the monthly cycle.


Ovulation saliva tests

Ovacue Fertility MonitorAn alternative method for predicting fertility via LH and estrogen levels is implementing kits known as ovulation saliva tests. During the course of menstruation and the resulting LH surge, the chemical composition of the saliva changes to reflect traces of hormone present in the body. Ovulation saliva tests read the salivary makeup and provide feedback on hormone levels. Ovulation saliva tests have been shown to be extremely accurate, and are certified by the Food and Drug Administration.

Making use of fertility monitors such as urine LH ovulation kits and ovulation saliva tests is a great way to pinpoint periods of maximum fertility. Thanks to such devices, much of the guesswork of timing conception is eliminated, as these kits have been shown to record LH and estrogen levels with impressive accuracy. Determining which type of kit you use simply boils down to deciding which technique you are most comfortable with. Because each kind of ovulation predictor boasts similar precision, there is no need to worry whether or not one kind is of more use than another.

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