Female Fertility Supplement

fertility suplementsIf you think that you have done everything you could and still can?t get pregnant, there are a few other things that can help you conceive. One of such things is the use of a female fertility supplement. These supplements can effectively boost fertility in women so they can conceive safer and easier.

Right now, there are several kinds of fertility supplements that females can use. And all of them promise of helping her conceive sooner than expected. Do note that there are natural fertility supplements and there are over-the-counter variants. Which of them you must use is entirely up to you and your doctor.

Natural Female Fertility Supplement

A woman can possibly boost her fertility with herbal and nutritional fertility supplements. Herbal experts say that adding the following ingredients to a woman?s daily diet can help her conceive faster. These are:

1. Siberian ginseng ? regulates female hormones.
2. Omega-3 Fatty Acid supplements ? helps regulate menstrual cycle.
3. Chaste tree berry ? stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone.
4. Red clover ? promotes the production of the female hormone estrogen.

Over-the-Counter Fertility Supplement

While natural supplements are known to do the trick, a lot of people are not comfortable with using them. Here is where the over-the-counter options become the better choice. The following items are known to boost fertility in women:

1. Clomiphene Citrate ? stimulates the production of both the luteinizing hormone and the follicle stimulating hormone.
2. Human Menopausal Gonadotropin ? a drug injected in the body to boost fertility in women. It induces ovulation to women who either fail to ovulate or rarely ovulates.
3. Heparin ? reduces the risks of miscarriage as it thins the blood. This is prescribed to women with blood clotting disorders.
4. Leuprolide ? keeps a woman from releasing immature eggs and follicles.

Although these female fertility supplements can be obtained from a drug store, their actual use can only be determined by a doctor. These drugs perform in a certain way inside your body. Only a doctor can determine which of them is the one that you exactly need and the one that could address your fertility issues.

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