Fertile Focus Ovulation Microscope

Though many couples delay pregnancy for some reason, others are so excited to conceive a child. However, some find it hard to pick the proper timing. That’s why they need some clue to determine if the woman is in her most fertile period or not. There are actually many ways to do it. The natural methods are basal body temperature monitoring, checking cervical mucus or the calendar method. But all these can be tedious. That is why new techniques are introduced in the market today like using different ovulation kits and predictors. Today we’ll take a closer look at one such ovulation predicting device – fertile focus ovulation microscope.

Fertile Focus Ovulation MicroscopePerhaps when you think of a fertile focus ovulation microscope, you picture out a big device in your mind. Contrary to what you are thinking, this is as tiny as your common lipstick case. Since its name is obviously written on its label, you will identify that it is actually a small device and not a regular lipstick. It is made up of a robust metal with a 60 times magnification glass lens. Its manufacturer claims that it is 98% accurate. However, it is for you to find out if this statement is true.

Many people love this product for three main reasons; it is convenient, economical and easy to use. Since it comes with a very handy packaging, you can carry it along anytime and anywhere. And unlike other products, it is very affordable as well. Its retail price is $27.95 but if you are lucky enough, you can avail for it at discounted prices. Most of all, it is easy to use. In fact, you just have to put a sample of your saliva on its lens and allow it to dry. Since it comes with an efficient lens, you will know if you are on your fertile period or not in just 5 minutes. If the microscope shows a “ferning” pattern, this simply denotes that you are highly fertile. But if it shows a different thing, this means your reproductive system is not yet ready to conceive.

There are contradicting opinions when it comes to this tool’s effectiveness. Though some people find this very accurate in its readings, others say that they just wasted their money for the product. These varying ideas have something to do with their experience when using the product. Some people immediately distinguish the “ferning” pattern while others claim that all they can see the green light inside the microscope. Though many of its users suggest that you must know how to use the product properly to get more of the advantage, some still believe that other ways to identify ovulation are better – for example, using Clearblue Fertiltiy Monitor.

Order Fertile Focus and give it a try!

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