Having a baby? Here are the MUST HAVE Hospital Bag Essentials

What to put in your hospital bag is always a difficult question. It is hard to choose what should go and what should stay behind. When it comes to the decision though, you don?t have to make it alone. Worrying what goes in your hospital bag is a thing of the past, thanks to The Mother Duck, a website that helps mothers to be prepare for the big day.

The first item that you need is the bag itself. The bag needs to be durable like the ones that they have picked to list on their website. Each one of these bags offers you plenty of room to stow all of your belongings and is available in a variety of colors. The first option is a standard duffel bag like design. The second option is a top opening plain labor and delivery bag.

hospital bags

Just because you are going to a hospital doesn?t mean you should live without good toiletries. They have hand-picked a selection of high quality toiletries from major brands to provide you with everything you need from tooth brush, to hair brushes, to razors and nail care kits.

It?s obvious that the wash clothes, shower caps, shampoo, and conditioner that they offer at the hospital are typically of lower quality so they have even made sure that you have fresh options for you. It wouldn?t do to go without deodorant so they have thrown that in too.

The last thing you are going to want to do is wash your underwear after a stay in the hospital so they include disposable underwear and the things that you need to take care of yourself. Nursing pads, oils, and an ice pack will all help you get back to feeling yourself so you can enjoy your time with your new kid.

The items we have listed here are only some of those included to make your stay an amazing one. Each pack comes with over 30 items. On The Mother Duck?s website you can view each item that comes in the bag.

Just as an added bonus each bag that The Mother Duck sells comes with a gift box inside. As a company they aren?t just trying to make money, they are trying to make sure that you are prepared for when the biggest day of your life comes.

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