How to calculate your period

If you do not want to get your periods unexpected and if you want to know about the certainty of getting pregnant, then there are certain ways using which you can calculate both. These ways are addressed in this article. Since, both menstruation and ovulation are interconnected with each other; it is very simple to calculate them. The most important factor in predicting them is the average cycle length of your menstruation.

The cycle length is the number of days between the first day of your menstruation to your next period. To calculate this, you need to mark the first day of the current menstrual cycle. You then need to count the number of days until you get your next period. The days that are left between the first day of this menstrual cycle with the previous day of next menstrual cycle is the cycle length. The average cycle length as prescribed by the medical professionals around the world is 28 days but most of the women don?t have this exact cycle. There are various reasons for this but the average value for every woman may change from +-3 days to 28 days. You need to calculate your cycle length for at least 6 months to understand the sequence. Chart all the 6 months? cycle length and determine the average cycle length. This will ensure that you do not miss out on your next period.

Finding the next period is so essential. It will ensure that you do not get stuck up somewhere in the middle of an event without your pads on. There are many online period calculators which will get the start day of the cycle as input and the average cycle length. The output will be your next period date. You can even note down the first day of your current period so as to calculate the next period. Finding your next period is so important for one other reason. On a particular day of every month, you will be most fertile, thereby increasing chances of getting pregnant. It is called the ovulation day and it is the 14th day before your next period starts which means that it is the 14th day subtracted from the cycle length.
Hence, if your cycle length is 30 days, then you will be ovulating on the 16th day. Using this method, find your next period and make sure that you increase or decrease the chances of getting pregnant.

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