How To Determine Your Peak Fertility

If you are trying to become pregnant knowing when peak fertility occurs will help to improve your chances of success. The best days to become pregnant are the days just before and during ovulation. However, women don’t just know when ovulation occurs, so they need to find a method of determining when they reach peak fertility. There are a number of different ways to determine this and some are easier and more accurate than others, and some ways of determining ovulation are more expensive than others. However, most women who want to become pregnant are looking for the most accurate method possible. This may mean not choosing one method of determining peak fertility but, combining several to help ensure accuracy.

Charting Your Menstruation Cycle

One of the first steps you are going to want to take in determining your peak fertility is to actually keep a chart of your Menstruation cycle. This can take several months but, is worth the time and effort, as it will help you to know, whether or not your cycle is normal. This chart is a type of history of your cycle. You will need to chart the first day of your last cycle, the length of time between cycles and the duration of your luteal phase. (the length of time between ovulation and the day prior to menstruation).
To get an estimated ovulation date (if you are regular and your cycle occurs every 28 days) is by counting back 14 days from the date of your last period. This will give you an approximate date of ovulation as women?s luteal phases can run from 10 to 14 days.

Using A Basal Body Temperature To Help Pinpoint ovulation

Once you have a pretty accurate picture of how regular your menstruation cycle is you can use a basal body temperature to help you more closely pinpoint when ovulation actually occurs. Your basal temperature will raise about 0.4 degrees at the start of ovulation and may rise a full degree in the days after ovulation occurs. By charting your basal body temperature for a few months you can usually pinpoint when ovulation is about to occur.
Once you have some idea at when ovulation occurs, a fertility monitor that tests for both LH levels and Estrogen can accurately pinpoint those days when your fertility is high and those one or two days when you fertility has reached peak level. Having intercourse during those days when your fertility levels are high and reach their peak can significantly increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

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