How to Induce labor naturally

pregnancy_close-upWhen a pregnant woman moves past the due date of her pregnancy, she may start thinking about different ways that she can induce labor. There are actually a number of safe ways that women have tried in the past and used successfully to induce their labors. Here are a few:

Food & Drink

Many people swear by the use of pineapple for natural labor induction. Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain, which supposedly helps to make the cervix softer, thereby stimulating the contraction of reproductive muscles. Pineapple can also help your digestive system which is said to help induce labor as well.

There are also some drinks that are said to help induce labor, including raspberry leaf tea. This herbal tea is said to contain many nutrients that specifically benefit the uterus and reproductive system.

Castor oil is another food that can help induce labor, though it is not without its side effects and warnings. It is said to be very effective, however, it can cause diarrhea and vomiting which might be dangerous to the mother and child.


Getting more active can induce labor. Activities like dancing, certain types of exercises and even sex are long thought to help induce labor. Just moving around more can help. Some women also believe that stimulation of the nipples can induce labor. Nipple stimulation is said to help with the release of natural hormones which may cause stimulation to the uterus.


Accupressure is the practice of using massage to stimulate certain pressure points on the body. These pressure points are said to be connected to different parts of your body. By massaging certain pressure points related to the reproductive system, a woman might be able to induce labor. Specifically, a woman can press her thumb to the roof of her mouth for several minutes at a time. There are also additional pressure points that can be massaged in the hand and on the bottom of the foot.

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