Indiegogo campaign for BabyWatch

At the moment of writing this there’s a crowd funding campaign going on for a really revolutional product called BabyWatch. Find out more about it and how to get it in the following paragraphs.

Problem we are trying to solve

As we were developing a pregnancy home monitoring system with the most respected perinatologists in Europe, we’ve realized that as much as 80% of pregnant women ask questions about pregnancy on social networks and search online for medical advice.

Their biggest concern is: ?How do I know that everything is OK with my baby??

Future moms can have great physicians, but doctors cannot monitor their patients 24/7. At the moment, the available solutions are either expensive pregnancy monitoring devices or very simple baby apps that cannot provide much information.

That?s why we?ve developed our own solution – BabyWatch.

What is BabyWatch?

BabyWatch is a system consisting of:

  • a pocket size ultrasound Doppler, and
  • a mobile application

which makes it possible for you to hear and visualize your little baby?s heartbeat. In other words, you can check up on your baby anytime, anywhere!


With BabyWatch app you can:

Hear and visualize your baby?s heartbeatĀ 
Track, plan and organize you prenatal care
Watch amazing medical fetal illustrations and get medical tips
Calculate all relevant dates in your pregnancy

BabyWatch Doppler is a low-cost quantified self device (a device collecting data and then performing visualization and cross-referencing) with FDA and CE approvals. But what?s really special about BabyWatch is that it?s a whole new interactive experience with your yet unborn baby! That is why we?ve added features that enable you to share those emotions with your loved ones. You can even upload your baby?s heart beat on our GlobalBeat to share it with the whole world.

Why should pregnant women use BabyWatch?

Well, because hearing your little baby?s heartbeat during pregnancy is something most extraordinary and beautiful. It is the ultimate sign of a new life. It creates a special connection between the mom-to-be and her baby and fills her with joy at a sign of its presence.

Listening to fetal heart beat relieves expectant mothers from stress, it is a calming sign that a baby is growing inside their womb and that the baby?s little heart is beating within. It may also help to decrease the anxiety during the first months of pregnancy when women can?t feel their baby moving yet. Listening to baby?s heart beat will help them through the anticipation.

But most importantly, BabyWatch has been created to enable mothers-to-be to share their emotions and experiences with their loved ones and include them interactively in their expectancy. BabyWatch is designed to bring closer and bind stronger.


How to get BabyWatch?

BabyWatch devices can be preordered at special early-bird price of $99 on our Indiegogo campaign:–3

Shipping and handling is free. Devices are being produced right now and we will ship them early July.


Why Indiegogo crowd funding?

BabyWatch is just a beginning, we want to get feedback and improve our systems, add new functionality?s and make new generation of the Doppler transducer device.

Team behind BabyWatch

Sandro Mur – a young aspiring entrepreneur whose only love before meeting Ur?ka was big data. He started his career with his first startup in elementary school – SMoby – an online gradebook with prediction for parents. After hacking EEG system to skip medical examination for military practice, Sandro started to explore AI in diagnosis, and developed artificial diagnosis system for neuronal disorders called NMD. He founded INU company specialized for expert systems in medicine, with a team of 7 extraordinary engineers of mathematics and informatics.

Ur?ka Sr?en – an UI/UX designer who is currently finishing her degree in fine arts sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She was a guest student at the Finnish Academy of FIne arts, has participated in several international sculpture workshops and has exhibited her work in Slovenia, Croatia, Finland and Ireland. She has one of her works permanently exhibited at the Maternity Hospital of Ljubljana and one in the Marine Center of Vrsar, Croatia.

Davor Runje – a serial entrepreneur who co-founded PlayMedia Systems and launched the most popular MP3 engine AMP powering MP3 players including WinAMP, AOL Player and Napster. He is currently creative director in Drap – the most awarded digital agency in Croatia.

Petra ?rnac, MD – Sandro?s friend from high school days, student teaching assistant at the department of anatomy, pathophysiology and the basics of neuroscience, honored with Dean’s award twice – for Academic achievement and scientific paper , Intern at the University Hospital for Infectious diseases ‘Dr. Fran Mihaljevi?’ in Zagreb.

Tanja Premru-Sr?en, MD, PhD. – Ur?ka?s mother and a renowned specialist in perinatology and feto-maternal medicine. She is BabyWatch medical advisor and mentor.

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