Knowing More about the Baby?s Flat Head Syndrome

baby_boySome babies are born with a flat head. This is because their skull is still too soft that it can get misshapen the moment they come out of the birth canal. The baby?s flat head syndrome is really no cause for alarm as it usually corrects itself after six weeks. However, if after that time your baby?s head still remains flat, that?s when proper consultations with a doctor are needed.

The baby?s flat head syndrome comes in two types, plagiocephaly and brachycephaly. Plagiocephaly is the baby?s flat head syndrome characterized by a distorted or asymmetrical head. Brachycephaly, on the other hand, is a case of having either a wide head or a bulging skull.

There are many reasons why babies acquire the flat head syndrome when they are born. Some babies get wedged between their mother?s ribs, causing the deformation. On the other hand, some babies are naturally good sleepers that their condition is caused by their constant sleeping position. It is then very important for parents to try to alter their baby?s sleeping position during their daytime naps. However, never make babies lie on their stomach as they sleep at night as the risk of SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome is very high in that position.

To help relieve flat head syndrome during the first six weeks of the baby, be sure that you don?t let your baby lie in his bed all day. Try to carry the baby around if he?s awake. Encourage him to turn his head the moment he can. Do this by positioning his cradle toys alternately to his left or right.
There are a few cases of baby?s flat head syndrome that are too complicated a surgery is necessary. Some doctors may also recommend the use of a skull band to reverse the effect. Whatever it takes to correct the problem, be sure to consult closely with a doctor about it.

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