Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor Review

Getting pregnant is quite a challenge today, considering that many women have a hard time conceiving a baby, due to either environmental issues or simply because their body is not ready yet. If you are told that you can have a baby and you want to know for sure when the best moment for conception is, you can get a Lady Comp fertility monitor. The monitor has been made by a German company called VE Valley Electronics GmbH that wanted to make it easier for women to know when it is the best time to get pregnant, by calculating their fertility rate.

Lady-Comp Fertility MonitorWith the help of this monitor, you can know with a 99.3% accuracy when is the best moment to start making babies. What the monitor does is actually quite simple, it measures your basal body temperature and it is able to predict when you will be at the peak of your fertility period. A lot of women do not know exactly when do they ovulate and, according to customer reviews, the Lady-Comp fertility monitor is one of the best devices you can use in order to determine this.

The monitor is not only very easy to use, but it is also quite easy to read and understand the data it provides. Although it has been made in Europe, it is now available in the US as well and it provides all women an easy way to determine the best moment to start making babies. Although it may not seem as much, it is quite important to know these details, especially when you have been trying to get pregnant for some time without any luck. Your basal body temperature is one of the ways how you can determine whether you are approaching your fertility peak of the month or not, and this monitor can measure the temperature extremely accurately, allowing you to know this for sure.

The priceof the Lady-Comp fertility monitor is somewhere around $480, and this is its biggest disadvantage (and the only one that I could find). But if you compare it with other fertility monitors, Lady-Comp has incredibly high prediction rate and it doesn’t require any additional investments like urine testing sticks that urine based fertility monitors use (for example Clearblue Fertility Monitor).

In addition, the monitor will print out your cycle’s data and you will be able to determine when you can conceive. Some women are still not aware that there is a day in their cycle when they are the most fertile and that that’s the moment when they should try to conceive. The Lady-Comp fertility monitor offers an easy and highly accurate way to determine those fertility windows.

If you want to read customer reviews or find out more about this device visit this page.

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