Ov Fertility Monitor Watch Review

Ov fertility monitor watchOV Fertility Monitor Watch is a small device that monitors a woman’s body to determine her most fertile days of the month. It is patented, clinically tested and has been approved by the FDA. It can be worn like a wrist watch and it uses its bio sensors to take readings from the skin and using it for its calculations. Instead of telling the day of ovulation, OV Watch shows the four days preceding ovulation, which are actually the days where conception is most likely successful.

How Does OV Fertility Monitor Watch Work

Instead of testing the urine like most other ovulation predictors, OV watch uses salts that it gets from the skin. Depending on where the women is with her menstrual cycle, these salts change. Chloride, that is low when the cycle starts, is raising three times during the cycle. OV Watch can detect the level of chloride and predict ovulation accordingly. Chloride surge occurs days before estrogen or LH and can predict ovulation up to 5 days before it occurs. This makes it easier to plan sexual activities and to get pregnant.

According to studies, there is only a 5% chance to conceive, while the four days before have 13% to 28% each. The closer to ovulation, the bigger is the chance of conception, dropping suddenly on the day of the ovulation.

OV Fertility Monitor Watch should be worn while sleeping. Women should wear it starting on the first three days of their cycle until ovulation has passed. This way the watch can measure chloride levels and show results on the screen. It notifies the user, displaying a text on screen from ?fertile day 1? until ?ovulation day 1?. OV watch can be used for numerous pregnancies and also loaned or given to another woman after it is no longer needed.


  • Lightweight and shaped like a watch
  • Can be worn discreetly at night
  • Measures chloride levels for accurate results
  • Determines the fertile window of each cycle based on each individual woman
  • Displays fertile days and ovulation on the screen

OV Watch is meant for predicting ovulation and determining the 4 fertile days before ovulation, it can’t be used to prevent pregnancy. Women with anovulatory cycles, menopause symptoms, kidney or liver problems and other conditions that affect a woman’s cycle can lead to misleading results. On the other hand, it raises the chance of getting pregnant by 66% comparing to some other methods, like measuring the basal temperature.

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