Ovacue Ovulation Kit review

Ovacue Fertility MonitorOnce upon a time determining when the best time to attempt conception was just a guessing game and there was no real way to find out if any day was better than another. With time people started noticing ovulation signs and developed natural methods of predicting those days when conception would be most likely. Many women still rely on those natural methods, however use of ovulation kits guarantees the best results and the highest prediction rates.

There are of course a range of ovulation kits flooding the market; however the Ovacue Ovulation Kit does have some clear advantages. Many of the ovulation predictors out there can only notice ovulation within a few days (one or two being the average). However the Ovacue predictor claims to notice ovulation up to 7 days before it is due to happen. This means you have much more of a chance of conceiving as you have a longer period of time to try.

The Ovacue system looks slightly different to other predictors and also eliminates the use of urine to predict ovulation. Being one of the few saliva based testers you can simply get some of your saliva on the swab and have a reading within 5 seconds. This will say if ovulation should occur within the next 7 days. It is said to be 98% accurate and works from the electrolytes in your saliva, caused by a rise in the level of estrogen.

The Ovacue Ovulation Kit does exactly what it has been made to do and competes fairly with the main brands in the ovulation market. It has been favored by those who do not like to take part in urine tests like some of the other ovulation systems out there. Being a reputable brand it is no wonder why the Ovacue solution has received so many positive reviews, making it one of the best solutions out there.

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2 Responses to Ovacue Ovulation Kit review

  1. Hi There Admin,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, I just purchased the ovacue and am wondering if it is really accuarate as it is advertised. I had a really hard time with ovulation urine tests so I thought this might be a better alternative?
    Keep up the good work

  2. Phoebe@ Infertility Cause says:

    G’Day! Admin,
    Cool Post, I started charting my BBT last month and confirmed ovulation on CD 22 (30 cycle – 8 Luetal phase). This month I bought a OvaCue Fertility monitor and started using it along with charting. The OvaCue is predicting my peak fertility day as CD 13? Is this possible?
    Keep up the posts!

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