Pregnancy belly button rings

belly buttonBelly button rings are getting more popular among women in the recent days. Most women are willing to pierce their navel as a fashion. And hence, the jewelry manufacturers targeted the audience by releasing jewelry as belly button rings. In the recent years, the manufacturers have come up with many new designs that add to the navel cultures. Of all the designs, the barbells are the most common among women. Among the various belly button rings are the simple barbells, barbells with pendants, bead rings etc. One type of belly button rings are the pregnancy belly button rings. They are aimed at providing a sexier look to the women during their pregnancy times. The body shape and structure change during pregnancy and it is important to maintain the sexy structure.

The normal belly button rings do not fit well during these times and hence the manufacturers have come up with the new variety of pregnancy rings. This jewelry is available online but exploring them has always been a daunting task. The Belly button rings catalog has come up with the collection of top 20 jewelers. The website contains the necessary information for you to purchase the belly button rings from their sites.

There are more than hundred designs for the women to choose from. Along with the catalog of designs, the website also includes information on the features and price of the product. Moreover, you can also search for the product is you have any particular keyword in mind. The search option is given in the top right corner of the page. Apart from normal search, people can also search the products, based on the type of the metal such as Sterling Silver, Surgical Steel, Titanium and White Gold.

The other search filtering options include based on the type, price, ascending and descending order of price etc. Some jewelers also offer free discount for the products purchased in the website. Some of the types of belly button rings available in the website are best friends, custom, dangling, diamond, dream catcher, glow in the dark, pregnancy, long, reverse and spiral. As you can see from the above list, they have separate designs for pregnant women. These designs are manufactured keeping the expectations of soon-to-become-moms. Visit to explore various belly button rings that will enhance your sexy look even during pregnancy.

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