Rheumatoid Arthritis and Pregnancy

pregnancyMany women have an unimaginable amount of questions buzzing in their head regarding their pregnancy with arthritis. It is always recommended to plan your pregnancy ahead of time so you can escape any complications. It is important that you are ready for it. Women with Rheumatoid Arthritis have concerns that would they be able to get pregnant or not? Their question is that would it be easy for them to conceive or not? With the advancement of science and research, it has been proved that if the disease is controlled properly with aids, a woman can conceive without difficulty.

Discussing your pregnancy plans with a rheumatologist is a good option. The expert will guide and will prescribe you the medicines that will work with your pregnancy. All women whether they have RA or are normal are prescribed to take folic acid as it is a great way to minimize the risk of spina bifida. Women who consumed aids like methotrexate are specially recommended to consume folic acid supplements in their routine.
Many women suffering from RA start to feel less pain during pregnancy ? mainly their second trimester. Near the end of pregnancy, it is common to have back pains and aches so that should never scare an RA patient. Once your toddler is in your hands you can also breast feed her/him. Yes! Breast feeding is also possible for RA patients. We cannot surely say if you?d be able to breast feed for a long time, but why not enjoy the little moments you have to yourself and your new one?

Throughout the stages of pregnancy, your medical expert would suggest you the appropriate medication to suit your pregnancy and to help your RA disease as well. Remember, it is not impossible for an arthritis patient to have a successful pregnancy and a healthy little one.

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