Rockin? Cushions by Michelle

If you want to sell or buy any handmade crafts or vintage items including art, clothing, jewelry, toys and many more, the best place for you is The website acts like a crafts fair, where users are allowed to showcase their items for a charge of $0.20. Rockin? Cushions by Michelle is one of the stores present in along with thousands of other stores.
rockin cushions
The URL of Rockin? Cushions store is This site is a personalized collection of cushions of various colors and themes that will attract anyone visiting your place. The cushions can be used anywhere in the house, from nursery rooms to living rooms. More than that, they are reversible, so you can actually go from nursery to living room just by turning it over. They are made of vibrant colors with attractive designs. You can find cushions with almost all the colors and prints in this page. A total of 48 items are present in the page till date and they are classified based on their color.

cushionThe page was launched a couple of years ago and within a short time, it has sold more than 80 cushions and has got more than 180 admirers. The home page of the site contains all the cushions listed along with their pictures and price. Since there are 48 items in total, it is split into 2 pages with 24 items in one page. When any of the items is clicked, the corresponding product information page is launched where all the information related to the cushion is given.

The various features of the cushion, their measurements and details regarding shipping are given in this page. All the items are ready to be dispatched within one working day and delivery to United States is done free of cost while $ 10 is charged for rest of the world delivery. Contacting the shop owner is easy and the replies are instant. The payment modes available are credit cards, PayPal and Etsy gift cards. The various themes of prints will suit any of your mood and the vibrant colors will take all of your guests by surprise. Visit the site to find cushions in all colors and prints that will liven up your rooms.

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