Side Effects of Mirena IUD on Women?s Health

Many women tend to look at the different possibilities of preventing contraception. One of their options is the use of IUD or an intrauterine device. And when it comes to IUD, Mirena is a very popular brand. However, there are a few side effects of Mirena that not all women know about. These are:

1. Weight gain
A lot of studies have discovered the strong link between Mirena and weight gain. As an intrauterine device, Mirena releases levonorgestrel or what is more properly referred to as the ?morning after pill?. However, this same ingredient triggers weight gain that no diet or exercise can possibly correct. Many Mirena users report that their weight keeps on increasing while using the device.

2. Premature menopause
No woman wants to experience PMS but Mirena could make the situation much worse with premature menopause. Premature menopause means you?ll be experiencing exactly the same symptoms of PMS but much earlier than expected. Some of the known symptoms are depression, lack of sexual interest, and intense headache.

3. Abdominal pain and bleeding
In general, the use of an IUD device can cause vaginal bleeding, especially if it is not worn properly. Survey shows that almost half of all women with the Mirena IUD on suffer anywhere from spotting to severe bleeding. This makes bleeding the most common of all known side effects of Mirena.

4. Other random side effects
Mirena has a few more side effects that may be experienced by a handful of women. These are hair loss, permanent infertility, low energy, severe cramps, and acne. While the Mirena IUD is considered as an effective contraceptive, all of these side effects may discourage a woman from using the device. Do note also that many women were forced to go through detox in order to cleanse the body of the active ingredients of the IUD.

5. Mirena doesn?t protect against STDs or HIV.
Although Mirena is an effective contraceptive, it cannot prevent one from contracting sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Therefore, additional precautions will have to be used when engaging on sexual intercourse with multiple partners.

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