SmartSquare by High Flying Fathers Review

logoThis week was the official launch of by the Peu Berri Fashion which is in the manufacture of high end men?s products that are not only fashionable but also serve some important purposes. has manufactured a distinct handkerchief which serves a couple of functions. The handkerchief is so unique that it functions normally on the outside and as a baby wipe off on the inside. The fashionable kerchief is one thing that every father should have in his outfit. It certainly comes handy for wiping out any goo that may come accidentally.

The website has been launched and the unique handkerchief will be on sales from June 1. There are a total of 8 fashionable and unique products that are termed as Smart squares. The leak proof technology will prevent any of the goo to reach your pocket or even the outer part of the kerchief, so that it can be used as a normal handkerchief. The company has merged quality with fashion and has undoubtedly come up with the perfect product that any new dad may want in their pockets. All the handkerchiefs are machine washable and come as a dryer friendly product.

Peu_Berri_black_1-4_boilermaker-1462_grandeThe Texas tea SmartSquare is a combination of strawberry and cream colors that is measuring 7 by 10 inches. It costs $38 for its 100% cotton in the inside layer. The Sea Captain’s Special SmartSquare is a combination of sea blue checks and dark rum. It also costs $38. Designed for those who want the upper edge over others, the Boilermaker SmartSquare comes in royal black checks and costs around $48. The Frisco Sour SmartSquare costs around $38 and sports orange colored strips. The Imperial Fuzz SmartSquare blends in imperial sophistical with effervescence and is priced around $38. The Irish Coffee SmartSquare is for those highflying fathers who want perfection in all the works they do. It is available for $ 38 even though it gives a rich look. The Waldorf SmartSquare is a classy handkerchief for the sophisticated fathers out there. The premier product of the bunch is the Rattlesnake SmartSquare that boasts an attractive pink color that goes off well with a blue blazer and jeans. It costs around $58. Buy one of the above mentioned SmartSquares and be the most popular father of all time.

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