Taking your breastfed baby to a wedding

Now that wedding season is here you may have been invited along with your new baby but are you worrying about enjoying the day ? Most couples are happy to have a family-friendly wedding with babies and young children invited and it is usually clear on the invitation if the event is adults only. You may be worried about baby screaming throughout the vows so prepare yourself and enjoy a great day.


As with so many things the key is to prepare. Take along Baby’s favourite soft toy for the ceremony and try to make sure they are not due a feed at the crucial moment. Take your changing bag with a full change of clothes for them and lots of baby wipes and nappies. You may want to call the venue in advance to check about facilities for warming bottles or high chairs.


If you are breastfeeding remember to check that you can discretely feed in your outfit. I once wore a gorgeous new dress to a wedding and only realised on the day that the only way to feed was to take it off completely !! There are some lovely nursing tops available that would look gorgeous for a wedding. Alternatively you may prefer a pretty; Breastfeeding Dress. This would have caused a bit of a commotion at the dinner table. The beauty of breastfeeding is that it is so easy and portable and you can feed almost anywhere whenever baby is hungry. If you are new to feeding and not confident in doing so in public call the venue in advance and ask if they have a quiet space for breastfeeding on the day.

Do Shifts

Take turns with your partner to be responsible for the baby. You can both then have a chance to socialise and relax. Depending on your baby’s age you may need to take them away for a chance to nap in quiet as all the noise and attention may leave them cranky by the evening. Some small babies are very portable however and will sleep anywhere – my 2 month old slept under a table at a very noisy disco ! Toddlers however may run around all day then crash out about 7pm so may need somewhere to sleep or to go home.

Share a babysitter

If there are a few families at the wedding you may be able to club together to hire a local baby sitter. It is becoming more common for wedding couples to organise a creche or babysitter for guests and providing a quiet room for them to use.

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