Using cervical mucus to predict ovulation

In this article I’ll show you one easy and pretty accurate method of predicting ovulation for those who cannot afford an ovulation kit (which usually gives the most reliable results).

Cervical mucusCervical Mucus is a jelly like substance the woman?s body produces during the monthly cycle. It looks almost like the white of an egg. This mucus is an important part of conceiving. The mucus helps the male sperm survive inside the woman?s body so it can get to the egg and fertilization can occur. The mucus protects the sperm form the acid environment of the vagina. The acid neutralizes sperm so they stop moving. The mucus gives the sperm a place to go to be protected from the acids in the vagina.

This mucus changes during the cycle and after menstruation there?s no mucus for 3-5 days. After this period a small amount will be present and this will be cloudy or white in appearance as well as sticky. When a woman gets closer to ovulation this mucus will increase and it has the consistency of a hand lotion. During ovulation the mucus will be at its highest level in the body.

The chances of conception go up during ovulation or just before it occurs. This mucus can be monitored to see the level of fertility. You can collect this mucus by placing a finger inside the vagina. Move your finger in a circle and get close to the cervix. You can collect the mucus this way and check it for consistency and color.You can use this mucus to determine when the best time to get pregnant is.

To Collect a Sample

  • Use fingers inside the vagina
  • Use toilet paper and wipe the entrance of the vagina and analyze the mucus

Before Ovulation Low Chance of Becoming Pregnant

After menstruation there?s a low chance to become pregnant. There?s dryness around the vulva and little mucus discharge.

Approaching Ovulation Chance to Become Pregnant

The mucus will become cloudy and it gets a bit stretchy when you use the finger test. The mucus will break before you stretch your fingers. Over time the mucus gets a greater volume.

Around Ovulation High Chance of Pregnancy

The mucus at this time is the consistency of egg whites and its thin while being clear looking. The mucus will also be at its highest level during this time. The mucus will stretch and may not even break. On the last day of this period the chance of pregnancy is very high. The sperm has a higher chance of survival at this time and can live in the mucus for up to 72 hours which is longer than at any other time of the cycle.

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